15 Hacks to Help You and Your Wardrobe Survive Winter

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Colder weather means bundling up in extra clothing, extra clothing means more opportunities for a fashion disaster or mishap. Staying warm under hundreds of layers, tights, leggings, sweaters and boots, etc. doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Here are some hacks to help you and your wardrobe survive this winter happily and still look like a diva.

1. Stop a run in your hosiery
Winter means wearing all types of hosiery to keep your legs toasty warm. But nothing is worse than noticing on the way to work that your tights have a little run or tear. Just pull out your hairspray and spray on the run to prevent it from expanding.

2. Lengthen your tights’ lifespan
You don’t want to be buying a new pair of tights everyday. This hack will help your tights last longer. Just run a brand new pair under cold water and squeeze gently the excess water out and place in the freezer overnight. In the morning, let them thaw out and put on as normal. The cold temperature will strengthen the nylon fibers.

3. Remove your sweater’s pile
Grab a clean pumice stone and rub the pile on your sweater, but avoiding rubbing your actual sweater. The stone will grab the pile, leaving your sweater looking brand new.

4. Remove fuzz or hairs while on the go
Nothing can ruin your look more than removing your endless layers at work only to realize that your angora scarf left fuzzy bits all over your black blouse. Grab your makeup sponge and use as a lint roller.

5. Time to toss that itchy sweater?
Itchy sweater, don’t toss it yet. Soak you sweater in a bucket with cold water and a few tablespoons of white vinegar for 15 to 20 minutes. Squeeze out excess water and massage in some of your favorite hair conditioner and let sit for thirty minutes. Rinse out and lay flat to dry.

6. Shedding sweaters
Prevent your sweaters from shedding and leaving fuzzy little bits everywhere by placing them inside a plastic bag and freezing over night. Shed no more!

7. Prevent static elasticity from ruining your hair
Winter seems to cause more static elasticity inside. Grab a dryer sheet and rub gently over your hair to remove the excess static. It can be used on your clothes too.

8. Reduce static by wearing a clothespin
Finding that your clothes are clinging to you in the wrong way, just fasten a clothespin inside of your outfit to reduce the build up of static electricity.

9. Prevent leather from creasing
Yes, leather can crease, so avoid folding your leather pants or jacket, instead hang them up and place old business cards underneath to prevent signs of a crease or fold.

10. Save your suede items that accidentally got wet
Suede is notorious for developing marks after getting even the tiniest amount of moisture on it. Grab a new gentle bristle toothbrush to smooth out the marks instantly.

11. How to remove dirt from your suede shoes
Don’t grab a damp cloth that might damage your shoes, but instead use a piece of bread crust to remove stains or dirt from your suede shoes. The bread might leave some crumbs but the stains will vanish instantly.

12. How to dry your leather boots
Don’t place them in front of the heater, but dry them with paper towel and leave to dry in a breezy part of your house with no direct exposure to sunlight or heat.

13. How to remove salt stains from your leather boots
Wipe off the salt stains with a little bit of vinegar in a paper towel.

14. Smelly boots?
Sprinkle a pinch of baking soda in your boots or place into each boot a new green tea bag.

15. Freezing cold clothes?
Grab your hair dryer and warm up your clothes before you step into them to face winter.

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