How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger in Leggings

There seems to be an attraction for a part of female (sometimes-male) body which everyone would love to lift it given the chance to do so. However, your worries could be over if you know how to make your but look bigger in leggings or wearing any other garment for that matter. Naturally.

Where to start…

It all comes down to how we go about getting a good start. Remember that you are what you eat. So, if you are looking to shape your glutes to look bigger, eating is also very important. With these tips we are offering you, plus some physical exercises, you will be able to leave your buttocks well defined.

Incorporate some fashion changes in your lifestyle as well. Start by getting rid of anything, which does not place any emphasis on your waist. You really need to have a well-defined waistline to highlight your lifted butt. Any garment doing this is a plus you must keep to combine with other fantastic alternative. Leggings.

Choose a classy, good quality, soft to the touch pair of leggings with high waist to wear for a lifting effect. The snug feel can contour your buttocks, lifting and sliming your waistline. They are simple tricks to make you getting an hourglass shape, bigger buttocks and larger upper body.

The idea is to get attention away from other parts of the body. So, showing some legs can also create that effect, but (no pun intended), a very tight pair of leggings can provide compression and definition of your silhouette and thighs, lifting the rear-end making it a lot bigger.

The good news is that you do not always have to undergo a more radical treatment or solution; often some fashion tips and tricks can help solve what seemed to be a problem in the first place. There are many alternatives to dress to impress and to be noticed by the size of your butt. So, J-Lo eat your heart out!


Tricks and handy tips

Wearing high heels can be a great way to lift your bum. These shoes not only make you taller in stature, but they create a more intense posture on some areas of your waist, defining a line and rounding your glutes. Resulting on a much larger butt. Find a high heel comfortable to wear and incorporate on your fashion style.

Dark colors leggings can be part of a normal attire as well. They can definitely turn heads and attract some attention. We mentioned colors, however fabric patterns and styles can also influence the way you dress. Nothing with long stripes or huge floral patterns on a loose garment. The slimmer you are around the waistline the more your buttocks will show.

One trick that helps a lot of those who want to disguise a small butt is to divert attention to another part of the body. For instance, bust line, frills, strategic patterns, high heels. They are resources, which if they do not serve to increase your butt, at least, they serve to create other point of interest, shifting the focus away from what you want to hide.

Some physical exercises such as squats and leg press can also offer great benefit, lifting your buttocks and defining your waistline. They also remove excess fat around the stomach area and rear-end, leaving all lean muscle stimulated and enhanced. This is definitely a great way to get a beautiful butt.

On top of all the hints and tips, you should invest on overlapping pieces as well. For instance, a lighter fitting straight cut legging jeans with a nice short top. The lower part of any combination should always be lighter when getting a nice looking top, showing some waist and a bigger butt.

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