Ice Blonde: The Look Chosen By Celebrities

Ice blonde hair tipsThe almost white blond, a classic that is still alive but is redefined much more sophisticated. It returns with strength and glamour, invading the catwalks, advertisements and the street. Taylor Swift kicked off by choosing this shade. It was for the cover of Vogue magazine with an impeccable platinum-plated hair, keeping her haircut with bangs. The publication – considered the fashion bible – defined it as “brilliant” and did not go unnoticed in the rest of the world.

Another fan of this trend was Kristen Stewart, who paraded this’blond ice cream’ with a garçon cut during the New York Film Festival to present her latest album Certain Woman. Her new look made her the center of all eyes.

What you need to know about this look:

  • Fine hair, abstaining: it is a tone that punishes the hair a lot. To obtain platinum, it has to be discolored twice and the very fine hair usually does not resist it.
  • To nourish it in excess: this type of dye usually breaks the hair fiber, also tends to lose its color. To avoid this it is necessary to nourish it in depth with masks and oils, especially during the swimming pool, beach and sun season.
  • Goodbye to the healthy hair effect: the hair is so dry that it loses its shine and takes on a matt appearance. To avoid them there are good serums that provide texture and shine, two of the weak points.
  • Specific Shampoo: better if it contains bluish pigments, special to maintain the white color and that it does not oxidize or take on a more yellowish shade over time.
  • Straightened, no: hair that has undergone chemical processes that alter its nature is not a good candidate for peroxidation. It is essential to tell the stylist first.
  • Retouching: can be used with root growth in a more natural way. If you are looking for a more daring option, it is recommended every three weeks depending on your growth. Ideally, hair should not be mistreated.
  • The haircut: another factor to consider if you want to opt for this Nordic look. For very long hair it is not recommended as it requires a lot of maintenance and as the only way to reach this almost white blond is through bleaching, the most aggressive technique, whether or not the hair will suffer damage. That’s why short hair is the right choice for this trend.
  • The dreaded root: it grows very fast and the contrast is very noticeable. So, you either choose to leave the blackest root and start the blond one from the bottom, or go and touch it up every two or three weeks.

If you were one of the brave people who opted for this color, but then you regretted it, don’t worry! Fixing a good blond hair is much easier than a black one, for example. With this blond you get to the lightest part of your hair, so any tonic can help you to lower it.

In Europe the invasion of ice bondies is already a boom and women are betting on this Nordic look.

Ice blonde hairstyle

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