Kim Kardashian’s Love Affair with Bodycon Dresses

Kim Kardashian is very famous, for more than one reason, but one thing that stands out about Kim is her signature style – the sexy bodycon dress. Kim is a fashion icon and has the knack of looking flawless wherever she goes.

There isn’t an event in life that doesn’t merit wearing a pair of 6-inch high heels and an over the top little black dress.

Normally, when we go to the movies, we pull on a pair of chic-looking jeans and some comfortable flats. But, when Kim goes to the movies, she does it with style, by wearing the tightest bodycon dress, such as last year when she was spotted with Kayne on date night, with Kim wearing a dark-green bodycon dress with strappy nude heels. Her husband, on the other hand, was dressed more appropriately for the situation, with jeans and a Ramones T-shirt.

This isn’t the first time that she has been spotted in her signature curve-hugging silhouette dresses, on what the majority of us would feel inappropriate for the occasion. But Kim loves her bodycon dresses and they love her, as she looks fantastic in them, time and time again.

For example she has been spotted at Whole foods, Waffle House, pushing the her baby stroller, strolling in the garden with husband, Kayne, at more than one of the Lakers’ games and running to catch her flight. That is while wearing the over-the-top ensemble with the bodycon dress, 6-inch heels and all the accessories she needs to complete her look.

Kim isn’t at all embarrassed to share with the world why she looks so flawless in her bodycon dresses; in fact she constantly is blogging and tweeting about her little well known secret – Shapewear.

During one interview, Kim says that in order to wear a bodycon dress, you need to embrace shapewear, as it sucks in where you need it most and with no visible panty lines. She prefers wearing high-waisted shorts under her dresses. Plus, she says it doesn’t hurt to watch what you eat when your wearing the dress, so that big plate of fettuccini alfredo is a big no-no.

We realize that Kim is a fashion icon and a reality star, so she can get away with dressing inappropriately and a tad overdressed for certain occasions, but she looks fantastic and happy. Doesn’t that inspire us to dress and walk to our own tune, too? Who knows, maybe one day, they will make a reality show about our lives.

Kim Kardashian Bodycon Dresses

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