Swimsuits and Bikinis for Summer 2018

bikinis for summer season 2018

Although we’re still in the early spring, it’s good to have a vision of the future and think about what the trends might be in swimwear, bikini, etc. fashion. In this article, we have prepared a compilation of the most interesting proposals when it comes to going to the last one to the beach or to the swimming pool, for example.

What Trends Will You Wear in Swimsuits and Bikinis in the Summer?

In the eighties, fluoride colors were a real trend, something we saw in the late nineties and will see again in the summer season. You will wear bikinis in this kind of color, also known as neon. They are very eye-catching and combine perfectly with other colors and much more if you have a tanned skin tone.

If until now you’ve seen the lingerie trend in street fashion, it will also come for bikinis. There are many combinations with its lingerie knitwear, a lot of fluffy fabric, lace, embroidery, etc., without a doubt a very sensual proposal.

We will also find many proposals in crochet, something we have seen in past seasons and that for next summer come asking for passage. Many of the big fashion brands already have at least one such model.

Cross-striped bikinis will be another of the great proposals we will see on beaches and swimming pools all over Spain. They are a very interesting proposal, but you have to be honest with your body and know if they will really fit or not. They’re not good for everyone.

But not everything will be bikinis, we will also find many proposals for swimwear, remember the swimsuits worn by the beach guards? The classic narrow-strapped swimsuit with a very open, slightly tightly fitting leg will be back in force again next summer. As with the crossed bikini…. you must try it well, because it is not a proposal for all bodies.

If you want to conceal your chest, waist or hips, flounces can be a great option. Okay, it’s something that takes a long time between us, but it’s a good resource that you’ll find in swimsuits as well as bikinis.

Finally, another alternative we will find is vertical stripes, something that, as you know, stylizes the figure. Vertical striped swimsuits will once again be a trend, as they were in the 1980s.

What do you think of these proposals?

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