Practical and Effective Weight Loss Exercises

It has been recently proven that weight loss exercises have an effect when performed on a daily basis. It is also lost more quickly if exercise routines are done at any given time. Four short seven minute sessions are better than 30 minutes in a stretch.

It is easier to do short exercises during the day than to have to devote one or two hours in a row. In addition, by spreading your exercises throughout the day will allow you to vary and keep track of them. So you do not have to force yourself to go to a gym to miss part of your day. It is best to perform short exercises all the time.weight Loss Exercises in gym

How to do the weight loss exercises

The short and varied routines that are done throughout the day are more effective to lose weight than a long routine. You can start when you wake up with 1.5 minutes of work on the abs and 1.5 minutes of exercise on the buttock muscle. You can do this when you’re still in bed. Then you do the same when you go to sleep. All this, in total sum 6 minutes of exercises. Three minutes walk to get to the bus, go to the station or take the metro and another 3 minutes to go home and that is 6 minutes more. When it’s time to eat, you can take a walk in any direction for 4 minutes and come back. There are another 8 minutes that can certainly be added. Thus you end up with 20 minutes of exercise added in your day without any effort.

All these weight loss exercises are by way of example. Let your imagination get to work. In any task you do, check if you can add some exercise. When you brush your teeth you can walk around the house, climb the stairs instead of using the elevator or do small segments of exercises. It is best to spread these exercises throughout the day. This way you will be making your body burn more calories and therefore lose weight.

Slimming and toning muscles

An important part of when you thin out is to have your muscles well toned. With the routine mentioned above you can lose a few kilos. But to get good bodybuilding is necessary to do more intense exercises. You can also get the help from a waist trainer to get better results.

The routines of weight loss exercises usually prioritize lose weight, rather than tonicity. That is why it is necessary to perform some exercise with weights. If you want to tone your muscles, without increasing in size, you should use light weight and perform many repetitions. Now if your goal is to increase the size of your muscles, you need to increase the amount of weight you lift. For these cases it is best to do few repetitions with the highest possible weight. It is also necessary to increase the weight every week with the purpose of demanding more muscles.


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